northern cyprus hotels Escape the Winter a few more days


northern cyprus hotels Escape the Winter a few more days at a bargain price! We can give you a special Tip: the Hotel Salamis Bay in North Cyprus. Famagusta is the most climatic favoured area of the island of Cyprus, in particular in the winter months, you still have here in November 25-27 degrees air temperature and the sea is about 22 degrees warm. The Bay of Salamis Bay is ideal, protected by a reef. The hotel’s cuisine is Turkish Cypriot and guests can take a Shuttle to Famagusta / North cyprus hotels Gazi Magosa, 11 km away, for a shopping trip. The flight is direct from Munich, with a Stop in Antalya to Ercan (every Tuesday until 01.12.2015)

North cyprus hotels is the region of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus under Turkish rule. Located in the far east of the Mediterranean, the sunny northern Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination for beach Fans, recreation seekers, hiking enthusiasts and explorers. The extremely mild climate on Northern Cyprus makes the Region attractive almost all year round. When travelling to Northern Cyprus you can swim in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea until late autumn. Miles of partly untouched beaches such as Famagusta and countless small, secluded coves on the Karpaz Peninsula offer you perfect conditions for a relaxing beach holiday. The fascinating and colourful underwater world and the brilliant visibility of Northern Cyprus make this charming Region a true paradise for divers. Active vacationers can explore the varied, sometimes spectacular landscapes of the island by bike or on foot. A well signposted network of hiking trails leads you along the coasts over imposing mountains down into fertile valleys. Secure yourself right now with one of the best deals for trips to Northern Cyprus!

Experience the magic of an island traveling to Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus is a lovely, original gem in the Mediterranean. Lonely stretches of coast and mountain landscapes and a rich cultural heritage contribute to the magic of Northern Cyprus, as well as the pretty, bustling places of the Region. In the northern part of the island’s capital Nicosia and the port town of Famagusta, you will find wonderful old towns where shops, cafes and Restaurants are as numerous as the sights. For those interested in culture, a trip to the royal city of Salamis is recommended not far from Famagusta. The impressive excavations such as the Amphitheater still testify today of your time as the largest and richest site of ancient Cyprus. The impressive Bellapais Abbey on the slope of the Besparmak Mountains is also worth a visit. The beautiful Gothic building with its magnificent cloisters and the idyllic monastery garden is ideal for a day trip. You should also plan a visit to the romantic coastal town of Cirne when travelling to Northern Cyprus. This enchanted with a picturesque old town, a quaint harbour, an imposing fortress and, not least, with his southern charm. Look forward to special holidays and book your trips to Northern Cyprus at a reasonable price’m sorry.

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